Changing Lives Through God's Word
ELM Street
Evangelism Training
"ELM Street" evangelism training is an 8-week program (1 night per week) held at training facilities in the metro Denver area. This program will give you a foundation to work from when witnessing to others. It will show you the importance of evangelism, your role and the Holy Spirit's role. We talk about many subjects like getting over the fear of evangelizing, methods of evangelizing, what not to do when evangelizing, breaking through barriers, natural opportunities, and more. During your 8-week course you will have the opportunity to role play with your classmates in an atmosphere free of pressure. Upon completion you will receive a certificate of training, and you will be eligible to join the "ELM Street" evangelism team if you so desire. The fee for this 8-week course is $45, which provides for teaching materials, printing costs and contiuation of the program. If you would like to know more about our "Evangelism Training" program you may contact us through our interest form or contact us page.
Evangelism Team
The "ELM Street" evangelism team is dedicated to "Changing Lives Through God's Word." We believe that it is the responsibility of every Christian to fulfill their part in the great commission. How can we reach the lost if we don't share God's Word? As an "ELM Street" team member you will have the opportunity to reach the lost through many different mission opportunities that the Lord leads us to. Each outing always holds something different. One day you may be taking a video survey for our ministry and asking somebody in the park if he believes in the story of Jonah and the whale (thus providing an opportunity to converse). Other days you may be witnessing at the Denver Rescue Mission, City Park, Elitches or ministering to the elderly. The ways of sharing the gospel are countless! Do you feel led to join the "ELM Street" evangelism team? If you do, please contact us through our interest form or contact us page. Remember, in order to be an "ELM Street" team member, you are required to have a certificate of completion from our evangelism training program or approval from our training director.
Feed the Poor (Help and Support Team)
This is a program where "ELM Street" team members volunteer their personal time to participate and help other organizations with their feeding ministries. Whether it be a food shelter, food bank, special feeding center or rescue mission, we can help. We coordinate with and assist other ministries and organizations who need the extra manpower, support, and help through any stage of their scheduled event(s). We send "ELM Street" team members who have a deep desire and passion to help and minister to the poor and share God's Love for mankind. If you would like to volunteer or know more about our "Feed the Poor" ministry you may contact us through our interest form or contact us page.
Ministry to the Elderly
The "ELM Street" ministry to the elderly provides the opportunity to minister in nursing homes and assisted living residences. This ministry includes holding church services for them at their request, sharing God's Word, ministering with music, Bible distribution, regular visits, reading, or meeting some need that we are made aware of. Do you have a heart for the elderly? If you would like to volunteer or know more about our "Ministry to the Elderly" please contact us through our interest form or contact us page.
Rock & Religion (Christian Music Nights)
This is a program that is close to Pastor Lloyd's heart. The Rock & Religion ministry is modeled after a weekend program at a church he attended when he was a teen. When he attended this church, people said that Christian Rock was from satan and we shouldn't be listening to it. Well, some of us begged to differ and still do! Pastor Lloyd firmly believes that through the Rock & Religion nights in California he was able to stay grounded in the Lord. He believes that the Eternal Life Ministries Rock & Religion program will give the youth (and some youth challenged!) an avenue to express their love for the Lord in a way that is meaningful to them. The "ELM Street" Rock & Religion program is in the building stages and we are beginning to contact known Christian musicians in the Colorado region. We are also looking for Christian musicians who have a desire to be involved with this ministry who can volunteer their talents and time to glorify our Lord. If you are interested in this program please contact us through our interest form or contact us page. If you have a demo tape, cd or dvd that you would like us to listen to, please feel free to send it to our mailing address listed on our "contact us" page.
Our missions ministry is still in its early stages and we are working to put this program together. At the present time we are prayerfully considering which Christian agencies to work with, such as which travel consolidator, travel insurance agency, mission liability agency, and other organizations. If you are interested in missions and would like to help in some way or be informed when this program comes to fruition, please contact us through our interest form or contact us page.
Salvation & Altar Ministry Program
Eternal Life Ministries designed the Salvation & Altar Ministry Program to recruit, select and train church members to serve as a team in altar ministry.  We believe the pastor directing any service should always share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and give opportunity to receive Him as Savior (commonly referred to as the salvation or altar call).  The program is tailored to work in cooperation with the pastor to ensure the responders will be met at their point of need and helped accordingly. We will teach you and your team how to work together smoothly at this crucial time in your services and set the believer on a firm foundation toward discipleship.  They can then transition into your ministry’s existing discipleship program.  You will find this program is seamless in adapting to your ministry.  If you are interested in hearing more about the program, please feel free to contact us.
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