Changing Lives Through God's Word

ELM President

Lloyd Cde Baca

Pastor Lloyd is the President and Co-Founder of Eternal Life Ministries.  Lloyd was born in Colorado and raised in the suburbs of Denver.  He served four years in the United States Air Force as an Airframe Repair Specialist.  After training in Texas and Illinois, he worked the flightline at Mather AFB in Sacramento, California and Anderson AFB in Guam, with a temporary assignment in Okinawa, Japan.  After the Air Force, Lloyd had a long career at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant in Denver, Colorado in nuclear maintenance and operations.  In 1998 Lloyd established his own business, ELM Products & Services, and subsequently ELM Stone & Tile Creations, both of which he still maintains.  His work has taken him to many major cities in Colorado and Nevada, including notable work in Vail and Aspen.   Lloyd holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration—International Emphasis and Magna Cum Laude honors from Regis University.  He also holds a Master of Theology from the Christian Life School of Theology (which is now Beacon University's Institute of Ministry).  Lloyd became a Christian at the age of 11 and had many rich experiences in the church over the years.  There were also years that he did not serve the Lord and he says, “I was not the best Christian and went through many years that I am not proud of, but God has used my ugly past for His Glory, and I have been able to minister to people who find themselves in situations similar to mine.”  Lloyd has served in many areas of church ministry including teaching children’s Sunday school, leading the salvation & altar ministry team, and leadership in several mission trips to Mexico, Malawi, and Mozambique.  He is a gifted leader and administrator, with a passion for evangelism and missionary work and became an ordained minister in 2005.  Lloyd has traveled in 29 countries and knows that travel is a desire and passion that God placed in him to prepare him for his calling to the mission field. He has a strong desire to travel throughout the nations and to do his part in fulfilling the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ. He firmly states "Not every Christian can go to the nations, but every Christian is called to spread God's Word. God is wherever you are so be His willing vessel and let Him use you to bring others to know Him! Selah."   Lloyd lives in Denver with his wife and co-founder of Eternal Life Ministries; enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and thanks the Lord every moment that all of his family has accepted the Lord into their hearts.


ELM Director

Rae Cde Baca

Rae is Co-Founder of Eternal Life Ministries and serves as Secretary.  Although she was born in Denver, Colorado, Rae has lived in many places across the United States, spending most of her years growing-up in California, Texas and Kansas, and she has traveled in Old Mexico and Europe.  Rae has had a dynamic career as executive secretary, starting out with four years enlisted in the US Navy as Secretary to the Base Captain, Commander and Officers in Norfolk, Virginia, and as Secretary to the Admiral and Chief-of-Staff in Oceana, Virginia.  In the years following the Navy, she worked in many areas of business spanning government, private sector, and the church.  Rae says her life has been richly enhanced because she lived and associated with such a diversity of people and places, and she is deeply grateful for the experiences that shaped her life. Because of the many strong Christian influences in her life, Rae became a Christian at a very young age and spent the better part of her childhood active in church—she says those were some of the best years of her life.  There were also many years where she chose to not walk with the Lord; she says, “I called the shots in my life.”  Those years bear witness to a life of self-will and sin, and many choices that led to emptiness and sorrow. She is utterly and profoundly grateful for God’s forgiveness and the transformation in her life.  She has served in many areas of church ministry including teaching children’s Sunday school and adult Bible studies, participating in women’s ministry and missions, and being part of the salvation & altar ministry team. Rae lives in Denver with her husband and co-founder of Eternal Life Ministries; she loves being part of their children’s and grand-children’s lives and is enjoying time to develop the relationships with her many friends.  She is looking forward to the ‘second-half’ of her life as it unfolds the plans and purposes for which she was created, and she wants to make a difference in the lives of others for the Glory of God.



ELM Director

Lillie Betts

Lillie is a Director of Eternal Life Ministries and is the Founder of "First Works Productions," a Christian theater troupe performing dramatic, comedic and musical works.  Lillie was born in Colorado and raised in Denver.  She has always loved the performing arts and was in her first major production when she was in the second grade.  Lillie excelled in school in theater and singing, and she also had a keen interest in science. Her love for the performing arts finally took precedence, but she still retains an active and lively interest in scientific studies.  Lillie has performed in and directed many community and professional productions, and in time became the assistant director of a prominent local company. This grew to be an all-consuming part of her life, and the Lord eventually removed Lillie from the theater until she remembered her priorities—Jesus Christ first.  After performing in Colorado at the Country Dinner Playhouse of Denver and Boulder's Dinner Theater, Lillie was offered many opportunities for a more lucrative theatrical career on stage in New York.  But Lillie chose to stay in Denver because of her dedication to her family and her desire to be faithful to the Lord’s priorities in her life. For several years Lillie taught drama and music for the Colorado Christian School in  Denver.  She has been paid and commissioned to write for church groups, and she has written several plays, seeing many of them come to life on the stage where they have touched many lives.  Lillie now devotes her time and talents to serving the Lord through drama and music in the Church, in Christian school and through Eternal Life Ministries.  One of her greatest joys is seeing young people realize and apply their talents while participating in performances that glorify Jesus Christ and enrich the lives of others.  This has spurred a long-time dream to come to fruition—the formation of the Christian Performing Arts Group named "First Works Productions."  Lillie says, "It is mind-boggling to consider the fact that God; the Great I AM; the Eternal One who was all there was before He created the universe---created and loves me!--And He gives me the choice of loving and serving Him or not!" Well, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."Because, "In Him I live and move and have my being."  




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